The Difference Between Credit Repair & Credit Restoration

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hello you got mr. penises sniff and today we just want to hit you with a did you know I have you ever heard because this is a topic that many people you know are focused on but you know it’s a couple of pros and cons to different scenarios as it relates to credit repair and credit restoration so we just want to highlight a couple of things that we didn’t talk about some experts day you know they’ve kind of expands upon the differences between the two okay so yeah there is a huge difference between credit repair and credit restoration which is this is something that you know we learned so we credit repair which is what a lot of people go after credit repair is actually like removing things from your credit now the negatives to removing things from your credit is that you’re also removing credit history so think about how that can affect you negatively going forward if you’re trying to get things on good credit does that make sense hopefully it does and credit restoration is pretty much allowing you to keep the good history that you have and this is a prime example just because your home may of winning to foreclosure just because your car may have been repo that doesn’t mean that the whole life or term of the country that you had with the entity was all day you might have had you know a solid 3-4 years to where your payment’s would you know all point on time you were paying the correct amount you know all of those names but then you might have hit a rough patch which led to the foreclosure led to the repossession credit restoration allows you to keep all of a good history that you had so that it doesn’t affect your credit negatively just because you found yourself in a you know in a tough situation so credit restoration focuses on those things make sure you get you know get the the proper I guess for lack of better words you get the reward for having a good credit history without letting the repossession mother foreclose of fully affect your crit yes so like with the credit restoration you know like he stated you’re keeping the good stuff but then as far as the bad stuff it may say okay she made her famous she was never late you know so it’s taking off things like that or you know taking off things you know not giving it to reflect a repossession or something like that so it’s a huge difference than just taking everything off and then wiping out the critic history as well because you definitely want some credit history that’s what allows the bureau’s to know this person can maintain over a certain amount of time let’s not remove everything let’s just restore what’s already good restoration repair no no no we are partnered with a wonderful credit restoration company so we are learning so much so that you know we can take this knowledge and we can share it with you guys so if you’re looking for you know any type of credit restoration we will have a link that we can provide you so that you can just check it out because there’s a lot that you can learn absolutely it’s a non-profit you know so basically it’s not gonna push you it’s not gonna be an arm and a leg type deal so you’ll save money but at the same time you’ll get good quality service the best I’ve ever heard of is a relation to the testimonies that I’ve heard so definitely if you want it we got and we don’t mind sharing me the give me is in the giving yeah absolutely that’s all I got you good mr. and mrs. Smith

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