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Hello my love’s and welcome back to my youtube channel it is your big sis of YouTube CC here and I want to say thank you so much to almost a thousand new family members who subscribe to my channel and it’s all because of these financial and debt videos that you guys have been watching subscribing and so I want to do more of them for you so for today’s video I’m going to talk about how to raise your credit score 150 points between 7 to 14 days before we get started I do want to make a disclaimer if you have a high credit score these tips will not work for you these are for people who are trying to repair their credit down in the 300s for hundreds probably even the 500s and these are all basic steps that I had taken when my credit score looked tragic and they helped me to raise my credit score and I saw an increase of 150 points in literally seven days also I do want to say before I start as well a second disclaimer you can do all of these tips but if you fall back into old habits you will see your score decrease again and that defeats the whole purpose so always make sure to keep moving forward so the first tip that I can give you guys is to actually check your score you can access your report on freecreditreport.com and you get up to three credit reports from the three different reporting agencies what I like to do with this is I’ll just get one report every four months three times a year you can get up to your three reports a year for free so I’ll get my one report every four months and what I will do with that is just gauge my actual real score because if you check it on Credit Karma or credit Sesame it could be between forty to fifty points higher or lower my score is actually 40 points higher than they report on Credit Karma so that’s like awesome for me to know but I just use that to kind of make sure I monitor my accounts make sure that no one is taking out credit than my name my identity hasn’t been stolen and I get a general knowledge of what I have going on but if you want an accurate representation of your credit score you need to get your free report so go on there check out your report get your basic score so you know what you’re working with and you can see all of your derogatory marks but also your positive things – like your payments on time and your utilization going down it’s just great to be able to see that also this video is not sponsored that might have sound sponsored but no this is just me making this video for you guys no one is paying me to make it okay so after you’ve checked your score what you want to do is go through and find your derogatory marks these are things that you want to get back into good standing and that will bump your score up and you almost see literally an instant score increase so go through find all of your derogatory marks whether that’s collections that are on your report whether that’s miss payments whether you see something wrong to that you’re like I didn’t do that having that knowledge and being able to physically see it and work from it is what is key so then you need to decide what you’re going to pay or how you’re going to go about it so I’ve spoken briefly about paying off collections and I want to elaborate why I pay off the collection agency instead of actually paying the actual company itself because for me the pros outweigh the cons in a different way so the collection agency offered me let’s say I had a bill in collections for $600 and for a reduced rate of 200 I could pay them 200 and just get it back into a normal good standing it’ll still be on my report it won’t be removed but I’m taking that 400 dollar discount on paying now if you want it removed off your credit report what you have to do is pay the actual company the full 600 so for me I was just trying to get everything into order I didn’t have all the extra money to just pay it all off so unfortunately it is still on my credit report but I got to pay it at the discounted rate and I wanted it off as soon as possible I wasn’t looking to contact someone who’s like a credit fixer or anything like that to take it into their own hands because I wanted something quick and easy so it depends if you have all the time in the world to wait and you can contact someone who can help you out with that and kind of give you more of an insight and you pay them to do it then awesome but me I was early 20s I didn’t have a lot of money obviously because I owed so many people money so that is why I decided to just pay the collection agency itself so that being said the stuff that you need to take this deciding what you want to pay how you want to pay it how you want to go about it but I’m just speaking from my personal experience I saw an insane jump in my credit score just from bringing back those negative accounts into a positive and good standing this next one is gonna be kind of difficult if you don’t have this contact but you need to find someone who has a great credit score credit history who pays all our bills on time who can put you on their account now you don’t even have to have access to their credit card you don’t have to get a separate card for yourself but just being added to someone’s credit account shows on your credit report and your utilization is upped and as long as they’re making their payments and keeping their utilization low this can really really help you out insanely because how it works is they base your credit score a certain percentage off of how much of credit you have is maximized so if you’re using it to the very max of the limit then that’s going to affect you in a negative way but if you haven’t paid down it’s going to affect you in a positive way so let’s say for example my grandma she has a credit card she puts me on it and she never uses it wow that’s amazing because let’s say she had a limit of like four thousand it would show and reflect on my ratio of my credit of four thousand showing that I didn’t have anything taken out on that account and so as you can see this is kind of like a hack a little bit to like cheat the system but it’s just you have to be able to trust someone that much that you know they pay their bills they don’t want to have their credit up up in a way and yeah I just I don’t I’ve trust issues so for me it’s hard but a family member who I know and I can trust that really helped me just to be added to them and it does not bring their score down they are not a cosigner you are just on there as another person so that is a big myth that a lot of people have co-signing is a whole different thing what it recommend it for many different reasons if you want to see a video on that let me know my final tip for you guys is just to pay down your card utilization as much as you can if you have credit cards or credit lines I guess loans pay those down as much as possible so the utilization is down especially the revolving ones revolving ones like credit cards that come around every single month you want to make sure you pay those down and be weary of interest you guys do not just make the minimum payments because you’re barely paying the interest you need to be actually paying more than that and be money smart so if you want to see a whole credit card video – I can do that also I’ve just accumulated so much knowledge from all of my horrible stupid mistakes that I’ve made and to leave you with that to constantly see an up in your score you want to make sure you are making your payments on time you are making the full amount of your payments time you are actively showing these companies that you are making it effort you are bettering yourself and I promise you give it time and you will see your credit increase well up where you could have never imagined that these tips are just to get that 150 point bump that you need in 714 days that is it I am done rambling for the day if you guys liked this video give it a big thumbs up subscribe and share any tips or hacks that you guys have in the comments below as well we are a community that helps everyone out and that is why I love all of us so much on this channel because of our positive vibes and the willingness to help so okay that is it I love you guys I will talk to you the next video bye it’s over

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