Freedom Debt Relief Is a Ripoff


Why do I say Freedom Debt Relief is a RIP OFF? My wife and I signed up for the program in August 2019, as she was no longer able to work. I thought it was a good decision to sign up for the program, and failed to realize the company charges 21% of the original debt. For instance, her capital one debt was approximately $3500 dollars, and 21% of this charge is $735.00, yet the company settle the debt for $1,750.00 taking about 45% of the debt charge. Does this make sense? Company fails to explain how they earn their money and charge an extensive amount of fees! STOP! Think twice before you sign up for this program, very poor program, and you settle your own debt. I have been helping with debt settling for my wife and not paying these extensive fees. Company will send you numerous text messages, phone calls, and emails asking for a settlement to be approved. Just my recent experience with this company totally illegal to take peoples money! File chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy!

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